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la jeVa

The mission of this project is to promote and preserve the history of  Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American music using vinyl records as a medium.

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Radio Caracol is a podcast mainly in Spanish, created to work as an outlet to discuss and educate on topics in the Humanities.  Moreover, it also serves as a platform for freelance artists in Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the world. 

Radio Caracol has a mission for the preservation, and broadcast of the Hispanic, Latin American, and Caribbean music and culture. 

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Proyecto Amig@
Proyecto Amig@, is a a gift to friendship, a photographic project to be presented virtually where Valerie takes a picture with her most close and dear friends. With this project, Valerie wants to mainly spread a message of love and gratitud towards the friends that love and support her. To the old and new friends that became her chosen family, and to make awareness of the different types of love that surround us. 
This project was inspired by this picture, which was taken by friend and photographer Adelaida Santi, in direction of friend and artist, Valerie Mercado who appears in this picture.  
Photo by Adelaida Santi
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